Campey Brings the Best to Europe with Eight Country Demo Tour

Campey Turf Care Systems has completed an eight-country demonstration tour, visiting 14 venues as the company continues to provide industry-leading customer support and training.

The dates comprised sports turf and golf-specific events at Royal Krakow GC, Poland, Golf de Giez, France, the training ground of Hungarian football champions Ferencvárosi, and the Slovakia Football Association’s groundsmen training day.

Working with turf professionals to solve issues specific to their sport and conditions was key at all events. For Campey Director Lee Morgado, this is the primary purpose of the in-person demos and is invaluable to what Campey offers.

“In certain places like Eastern Europe, there aren’t many events held there, so it’s great to show new mechanical methods and what can help them,” Lee said. When we visit most countries, we have limited options for partnering with colleges, but where we can we work with them.

“That’s why giving people detailed advice on issues specific to them is priceless, and the impact of it really can’t be overestimated. The challenges groundsmen and greenkeepers face around Europe can vary considerably, so having the opportunity to talk through those issues can make a difference for them and us because we can learn and adapt from it.

“The other key component of the tour is to give people hands-on experience with the machinery. We often talk about the easy set-up and operation, but seeing that with your own eyes and doing the process yourself is unbeatable. And then there’s seeing the results of using a machine, and that again is hard to match, especially when you’re in surroundings familiar to your own work environment.

“That’s why working closely with our dealers and other events is so important. In Denmark, we were with our new dealer, Nellemann, and three of the locations were part of the Danish Greenkeepers Association Roadshow. We had over 500 visitors over the three days allocated across Denmark in three different locations, so joining an event like that makes a lot of sense.”

Bringing the tour together in terms of logistics is by far the biggest challenge. From choosing the venues to arranging the transport of machinery, everything is done in-house at Campey.

Each event is tailored to the customer, and an extra emphasis is placed on providing educational opportunities in areas of Europe where they are limited, with Eastern Europe the chosen area on this tour.

Arranging a tour like this has become more expensive, but as technology develops, the need to invest in education continues for Campey.

“It is expensive, but everything we do is for the future,” Lee explains. “I feel it works, and people still mention past demos in conversation years later, so it makes an impact.”

On the planning aspect, Lee continues: “We try and plan the most efficient and effective route, taking into account any holidays that may hinder it; we also try to visit different areas on different tours. Of course, the bigger the market or potential market, the more time or visits will be spent there.

“As I mentioned, working with our dealers in the planning stage is crucial to get the right equipment for the venues. For us, alongside education comes showcasing and selling machines, so getting everything right is essential.

“Sometimes we sell machines straight away. On some occasions, availability and pricing are given on the day. After the demo in Italy, we got an order for a Speedresser. We didn’t actually take a Speedresser, but it comes back to the importance of talking face to face and seeing what the customers’ needs are.”

Experiencing machinery first-hand is what the demo tour is all about, and with a selection of industry favourites in their portfolio, Campey has plenty to offer.

The Campey™ Uni-Scratch™ is the ideal solution for those looking for professional and effective maintenance of natural and synthetic grass surfaces. The Uni-Scratch™ is used for the final organic matter removal on natural grass hybrid carpet pitches when carrying out annual renovations. The Uni-Scratch™ moves on four supporting rollers, which are adjustable in height to allow the most appropriate working depth.

Pioneered in greenkeeping, the Foley Air2G2 336 has become one of the most recognised names in aeration in all of turf, and for a good reason. Consistent use of the Air2G2 is proven to create healthy, firm, and free-draining surfaces. This happens over time because the pressurised air fractures the hardpan layers without disrupting roots while increasing pore space, promoting faster drainage and root development.

All of this is done with virtually no disruption to play, combating one of the most challenging demands in modern-day turf maintenance. Also addressing that issue is the Imants ShockWave. For wide area non-disruptive aeration, there is nothing better for revitalising heavily used areas. In 2022, the machine was redesigned to increase its effectiveness on undulating ground as a direct response from greenkeepers at events like the Campey Demo Tour.