From left to right: Luis Miguel Bustamante (Spain), Drazen Surbek (Croatia), Gillies Parmentier (Belgium), Kristian Kouhia (Finland), Frank Newberry, Rocio Alvear (Spain), Nils Nilsson (Sweden)

Congratulations to our six FEGGA scholarship students who recently graduated following their six months at the host venue of Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination. Luis Miguel Bustamante (Spain), Drazen Surbek (Croatia), Gillies Parmentier (Belgium), Kristian Kouhia (Finland), Rocio Alvear (Spain), Nils Nilsson (Sweden) were all model students, embracing every element of the programme and concluded their final days with all of them delivering final presentations on the conclusions of their projects and what they learned from the whole process. You can find their presentations on the FEGGA website here.

Rocio Alvear summed her experience “The best of the FEGGA Scholarship was the people. Meeting such nice people like my fellow student mates, Kristianstad Golf Club Greenkeeping team, the FEGGA people and all the experts who came and gave us the seminars that were amazing! Great people make great projects!” Rocio has now for the time being returned back to her previous employer as a Landscape Designer and Manager of the gardeners’ team.

Gilles Parmenter from Belgium recently presented to the Belgium Greenkeepers Conference and summarised his time on the programme; In late 2022 I landed a job at a local golfclub as a sustainability officer, perhaps the first in Belgium. Part of the job was providing advice and support to the greenkeepers. However, as a complete newcomer in the sector I had little to no knowledge. If I was to provide added value to the greenkeeping team, I would have to learn a whole lot in a very short time span. At my home club this was impossible since I had other duties and responsibilities also. The ability for me to spend 6 months in Sweden on the FEGGA greenkeeping scholarship programme provided me with the ideal opportunity to kick-start my knowledge and experience in the greenkeeping world, learning in 6 months what would probably have taken me over 5 years at my home club. During my time there I not only learned the very basis of greenkeeping, I got the chance to coordinate the team for a few weeks, gained great experiences and inspirations to apply on my return to Belgium, meet some incredible people and see some amazing places. While at times, it was hard work, and certainly learned a lot about the need for good time management resulting in a truly great and beneficial time on the FEGGA programme.

Kristian Kouhia of Finland could not be happier that he decided to apply for the FEGGA Greenkeeping Scholarship Programme. He commented “The the whole 6 months was a great experience. It was a perfect mix of studying and learning practically on the golf course. Top class speakers and lectures were presented and complemented the work experience we were receiving on a very high end golf course. Being a part of a very good team gave me a lot of experience and has given me the confidence to now go progress forward on my own career in greenkeeping. I can truly recommend this programme to everyone who is passionate in greenkeeping and wants to take the next step in their careers. During the time on the scholarship I applied for a greenkeeping job at Kauri Cliffs golf club in New Zealand and got selected. I’m really happy to be here working this winter on an outstanding golf course as a greenkeeper. It has already been a great experience and I have learned a lot. I am sure it will get even better during the months ahead.

The programme will now move into its fifth year, and without the support of Bevan Tattersall and his team at Kristianstad’s, Alan Lindsay of  this would not be possible. This is a programme that is fully embraced by our Patron members and we thank all of them that participated in delivering education throughout the six month programme.

If you feel this opportunity could be the next step to developing your career, FEGGA would like to hear from you. You can find more information here.