Indigrow to launch new Foliar Fertiliser range at BTME 2024

Indigrow are leaders in product innovation with a desire to produce more natural, sustainable products to help turf managers produce world leading playing surfaces without detriment to the environment. We work alongside a range of research and development institutes and academic facilities in the UK and globally. Our long-term aims are to satisfy turf managers increasingly complex requirements due to the increased pressure they face to provide high quality playing surfaces whilst minimising the impact on a fragile environment

Indigrow will launch its latest innovation at BTME 2024, a new range of gel-based foliar fertilisers. These concentrated products offer a wide range of nutritional advantages to the turf grass plant along with added environmental benefits including reduced water use during production and lower transport emissions.

SolarMax is an evolution of our popular Solar foliar feeds. The latest development in our formulation technology allows our SolarMax products to offer a significantly higher level of nutrients within the formulations. In addition to this increased nutrient content, the latest co-formulants used within the formulation ensure an even higher rate of nutrient uptake by the turf grass plant. The new products and latest formulations in the SolarMax range are free from any insoluble particles.

Environmental Benefits

These latest technologies offer a wide range of environmental benefits to the consumer. The higher concentration of nutrient contained within the product ensures a reduction in water use during production and offers a much lower rate of application compared to conventional liquid fertilisers. The increased nutrient use efficiency from the new technology ensures that nutrient leaching is kept to a minimum, with 100% of nutrients contained within the products being in a water-soluble form and available to the turf grass plant. Further environmental benefits are a reduction in packaging used, along with a reduced transport emissions compared to traditional liquid fertilisers. These benefits ensure that our SolarMax range is one of the most environmentally acceptable foliar fertilisers available in the marketplace.

Maximised Nutrient Use & Minimised Nutrient Leaching

Our latest formulation technology ensures that a much greater proportion of the nutrient applied can be taken up by the plant, leading to a reduction in the amount of nutrient needed to be applied to the turf. Whilst the majority of nutrients applied in the use of SolarMax products will be taken up by the leaf blade, inevitably some nutrients will reach the soil profile. Utilising the latest co-formulant technology, these nutrients will remain in the root zone for longer periods than other foliar feeds or conventional liquid fertilisers. This technology reduces vertical movement of nutrients within the root zone and ensures that these nutrients remain in contact with the root hairs for longer.

Visit stand 232 at BTME 2024 to discover more about our new range, SolarMax.