Kristianstads Golfclub & Destination Joins Forces with Kress to Advance Automated Machinery in Golf Course Maintenance

Kristianstads Golfclub & Destination is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Kress, a world-leading company in grass-cutting robotics. This exciting collaboration will establish Kristianstads Golfclub & Destination as the official test center for Kress products in Scandinavia, encompassing both their existing range of products and future prototypes. Philipp Lippert Research & Development manager at Kress comments “Robotic lawnmowers are getting better and better. But the perfect robotic lawnmower for golf courses does not yet exist. Our goal is to change that together with Kristianstad Golfklubb & Destiantion.”

The collaboration aims to analyze and report on cutting quality, time management, and costs, utilizing our very own Greenteam as well as the upcoming FEGGA Greenkeeper Scholarship students who will join us in April. Bevan Tattersall, course manager, stated, “Automated machinery is undoubtedly here to stay. Over the past three years, the industry has been rapidly evolving, and at Kristianstads Golfclub, we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve. With robotics advancing at an incredible pace, our partnership with Kress will enable us to develop top-of-the-line automated machinery specifically tailored for golf courses and resort areas. We are immensely proud to work with industry leaders, Kress, and we look forward to assisting them in achieving their goals.”

Throughout the upcoming season, we will be conducting tests on Kress products across various areas within the resort, and the insights gained will be shared with our members and guests.

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