Belrobotics of Belgium is behind the very concept of robotised mowing, making it a reality back in 1990, some 30 years ago. Using the same principles, we later developed a golf ball-picking robot.
We are now a subsidiary of the Yamabiko Group, the owner of famous brands Echo, Shindaiwa and others, with our robots working by the thousands all over Europe and beyond, mowing-mulching golf courses, but also football fields, rugby, hippodromes, parks, manors…
Want to take a view? Just contact us and we will send you the details of a nearby equipped venue. Or, better still, ask us for a six-week, full-scale demo at your own venue and see for yourself the difference our unique floating cutting heads can make.

The benefits of Robot-mowing include:
1. Turf looks superb
2. At least 50% savings compared to conventional solutions
3. Day and night operation (ball-proof up to 200 km/h)
4. Optimised labour
5. Quiet operation
6. 90% less CO₂ emissions

Robotised ball-picking benefits

Our Ball-picker brings the opportunity to complete the automation process upstream, i.e. from range to technical room, on to ball dispenser. Our partners can also take care of drop pit and tubing installation.
Our ball-picking robots can handle an average of 15,000 balls per 24 hours.


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