TurfCare has announced that they have recently acquired the entire assets and business of Severn
Amenity Services.

Many of you will already know that TurfCare, who have been established since 1992, have a passion
for, and are an avid promoter, of proactive and agronomically sound turf maintenance practices. The
TurfCare Philosophy is to promote plant and soil health in every way possible, to help their
customers produce the best quality turf with the minimum amounts of harmful chemicals and
pesticides. The TurfCare mission is to achieve ‘Sustainable Plant Health Excellence’. The TurfCare
team has over 300 years of industry experience and knowledge, and they utilise this to offer the
best, agronomically sound recommendations based on the turf needs and requirements. Combined
with proper soil moisture management and the selection of the best and most appropriate grass
seed cultivars available, this has proved to be a very successful approach (TurfCare3PA) to achieving
optimum plant health and producing excellent turf surfaces with less reliance on chemicals.

Now, with the acquisition of Severn Amenity Services, and the Gaia range of soil biology products,
TurfCare are broadening the scope of their offering to one which also includes improving the biology
of the soil. TurfCare are very aware that the biology (and ecology) of the soil and a well-functioning
soil food web is the foundation for all, good, healthy, and natural plant growth.

Martin Townsend, founder of Severn Amenity Services, has always had a passion for promoting the
understanding, and management of good soil biology in turf. To this end, he has developed the
exclusive Gaia range of products which was aptly named after Gaia, the Greek Goddess of Mother
Earth. These products have been used very successfully by SAS customers over the past 11 years,
and they will now be much more widely available to both existing and new customers, through
TurfCare. Martin has now joined the team at TurfCare, so it’s business as usual for all customers of
both SAS and TurfCare, with the added advantage that each customer now has access to a much
wider range of quality products.

Pat Galavan, Managing Director of TurfCare, commented “We are delighted to announce this very
strategic acquisition for TurfCare. We have known SAS for years, and both companies have always
had a very similar philosophy when it comes to promoting healthy soils and plants. We feel that the
combined product ranges, and the combined areas of expertise, will enhance our vision for the
future, and take us a step closer to our goal of Sustainable Plant Health Excellence”.

Martin Townsend, Founder of Severn Amenity Services, tells us “I am thrilled that this acquisition has
happened. Both SAS and TurfCare are very like-minded companies, and I am really looking forward to
the future working with the TurfCare team. This new symbiotic relationship will help us to educate
our customer in the management of applied beneficial microbes and the supporting food sources to
their soils and root zones via specific guideline systems utilising the Gaia range of products.

Jim Holden, General Manager of TurfCare said “This is a very exciting development for TurfCare, and
for the industry. With the reduced availability of many chemicals, as well as the increasing pressure
to produce quality surfaces, our combined portfolio can now offer our customers even more
solutions to move towards a more natural and sustainable future of turf maintenance practices”.

TurfCare – Sustainable Plant Health Excellence