The Toro Company was launched over 85 years ago to respond to a customer need. Over the years, the company has built its reputation on superior customer relationships and innovation, and today is a leader in every market it serves. Superior customer care and constant innovation remain the primary goals of the company today. The Toro Company helps customers care for and preserve the outdoor environment by creating and maintaining landscapes that are green, healthy, and safe, with superior, innovative, and environmentally sound products, services, and systems.

Toro provides precision equipment and irrigation systems to the landscape market, an integrated approach to landscape management that no other competitor in the industry can provide. Toro makes an extensive, quality line of maintenance equipment that includes mowers, aerators, sprayers, trimmers, blowers, compact utility loaders, and vehicles. Water management tools include high technology irrigation systems with computerized controllers, valves, sprinklers, micro-drip irrigation systems, and precision turf management.

Toro’s customers are a diverse group of caretakers for the outdoor environment. Golf course greenkeepers are Toro’s earliest customers, along with groundskeepers, sports field managers, landscape contractors, and homeowners. Many of these caretakers have been Toro customers for decades.

Finally, Toro believes its leadership and success bring with it a responsibility to give back to the industry and the communities it serves. A portion of every purchase is returned to communities and the turf industry through The Toro Foundation, community relations programmes, and the efforts of its operating divisions.  The Toro Scholars Program helps build professionalism and tomorrow’s leaders by providing scholarships to young people throughout the outdoor landscape industry and the associations and schools that support it.

As Toro grows, it becomes more connected to its customers and the people it serves. Superior customer care and constant innovation define the Toro brand and drive its longevity and success. Toro, its employees, and its distribution channel partners are committed to one brand promise.

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