Golf Course Greenkeeper

To achieve the Golf Course Greenkeeper passport all 12 of the following units must be completed.

Unit 1 Monitoring and maintaining health and safety
Unit 2 Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others
Unit 3 Maintain and develop personal performance
Unit 4 Preparing ground for seeding and planting (trees, shrubs and turf)
Unit 5 Establishing plants and seeds in soil (trees, shrubs and turf)
Unit 6 Maintain the health of sports turf (golf course)
Unit 7 Maintain the condition of the golf course
Unit 8 Renovate and repair golf course surfaces
Unit 9 Prepare and operate a tractor and attachments
Unit 10 Use and maintain non-powered and hand held powered tools and
Unit 11 Use and maintain pedestrian controlled powered equipment
Unit 12 Use and maintain ride-on powered equipment