Symbio is one of Europe’s leading companies in terms of sales, international distribution and product range in the field of microbial additives for plant growth. The Symbio brand is recognised throughout northern Europe and the Company have pioneered the use of microbes to improve plant growth and soil quality since 1992.

Symbio is a specialised supplier of products that work with the natural biology of soil. The use of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides serve to override natural growth and often result in poor soil and weak, chemical dependent plants and crops.

Symbio specialises in selecting and applying the mycorrhizae, soil bacteria and fungi, and the organisms found in a healthy soil food web to help their clients to grow strong, healthy, nutritious plants with minimal use of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides in cost effective IPM programmes.

Symbio’s products contain naturally occurring soil bacteria, fungi and Mycorrhizae (meaning fungus root). Mycorrhizae are a group of about 400 fungi that form symbiotic relationships with plants. They live in or on the roots, extend their hyphae into the soil and make phosphate, nitrogen other nutrients and water available to the host plant. They extend the effective root area many hundreds of times so plants grow faster, larger and stronger with less fertiliser and water.

Healthy perennial grasses grow in biologically active soil to benefit from natural defence mechanisms against disease, dry patch and thatch build up and are inoculated with mycorrhizae to access nutrients and water. Symbio provides the correct combination of microbiology in the form of mycorrhizal, fungal and bacterial inoculants, microbial organic and inorganic fertilisers and biostimulants for fine grass growth with fewer chemicals, less disease, physical disruption, management time and cost.

Soil is at the heart of a healthy planet, and soil conservation is key to feeding our growing population. The soil beneath our feet is teeming with life. This soil biology drives the nutrient cycles that feed our plants. Too often these natural systems are disrupted by our management practices. The over use of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides degrade the soil biology and impede healthy plant growth.

Symbio specialises in restoring life to your soil. For over 30 years the company has researched and perfected ways to reintroduce soil biology to degraded soils. Working with academic and commercial partners Symbio has developed a product range to suit a variety of different environments. Using beneficial soil bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi and other microorganisms in the soil food web, Symbio products help our customers to grow strong, healthy and nutritious plants, with minimal input of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides. Our customers are at the heart of our business and our products provide solutions to the key problems they face. Symbio harnesses the benefits of nature and resolves poor soil health, by restoring the soil food web and providing cost effective management programs.

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