Women in Golf Charter

FEGGA are very committed to supporting the Women in Golf Charter as part of its ongoing support of the professional Turf Industry through its Member Associations, and Patrons throughout Europe and beyond.

FEGGA have always shown a commitment to women working in greenkeeping and have always tried to have a female on their Board. FEGGA are one of the very few that have had a female Chair in Pirjo Hotti of Finland, who still remains very active within the workings of FEGGA.

FEGGA have also run a European Ladies Conference, with some 50 females participating through either presenting or being in attendance.

FEGGA will as part of its commitment to the Women in Golf Charter focus on a number of key areas:

  1. FEGGA to circulate all Association members with a questionnaire to ascertain how many female greenkeepers there currently are in Europe; and include a Survey to determine the demand for female greenkeepers, e.g. what would attract them; and collate results to provide in-depth industry opinion.
  2. Subject to the results of the survey – FEGGA to circulate to all Colleges in its Member Countries to determine how many placements go to females; what the rate and level of female entry into the profession from successful completion of College courses actually is; and identify any perceived or actual obstacles to female entry that may exist. FEGGA would use the results of this survey to identify a course of action to suggest how females might be better encouraged into greenkeeping education.
  3. FEGGA to then start a press campaign based on this information – this to feature existing female greenkeepers giving career details and positive input, information from Colleges on how to apply for placements, and featuring industry positions available to females.
  4. FEGGA would encourage all its member Associations to have a female greenkeeper on their Board.
  5. FEGGA to investigate with appropriate Universities, the question of a Scholarship for a post-Graduate female Greenkeeper to carry out a Research Project into an agreed area within golf. FEGGA would source likely projects for research and seek expert opinion.
  6. Within this contact with Colleges and Universities, FEGGA would attempt to determine what greenkeeping tutoring opportunities could be made available to females and female greenkeepers.

Download Women in Golf Charter (PDF)