We are Vellsam Materia Bioactivas. A Spanish company, specifically in Almeria, manufacturer of fertilizers with more than 30 years of experience manufacturing fertilizers for agriculture around the world.

We have a branch specially designed for sports grass, advised by greenkeeper and groundsmen specialists in the sector.

Our goal is that the turf grasses must meet four essential premises: resistance to the different light variations on the field, mechanical resistance, comfort in the players’ footsteps and, of course, unbeatable presence in the eyes of the spectator, both in situ and on television.

Vellsam has been researching for several years with the aim of improving the resistance of the plant against external aggressions that directly interfere with the aforementioned premises.
Our range of state-of-the-art products pursues the nutrition and preparation of the plant for all kinds of events, considerably reducing the use of phytosanitary products.

Vellsam’s range of Green Areas products is made up of different closely interrelated specific lines such as soil fertility, biostimulation, anti-stress, etc., which are in continuous development to adapt to the needs of the lawn and demonstrate the effectiveness of its use, getting healthier plants and with fewer problems.

Vellsam is at the forefront in terms of nutrition and plant health in the most relevant fields, and always keeping in mind the concept of sustainability.

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