Golf Course Supervisor

To achieve the Golf Course Supervisor passport the total number of units to be completed is 14.

Mandatory Units – All units must be completed
Unit 13 Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security
Unit 14 Manage your own resources
Unit 15 Estimate resource requirements and programme work
Unit 16 Manage information for action
Unit 17 Set and mark out golf course sites to establish grassed areas
Unit 18 Evaluate ground and environmental conditions to establish grassed
Unit 19 Prepare site for the establishment of grassed areas
Unit 20 Establish grass swards
Unit 21 Plan the maintenance, repair and renovation of the golf course
Unit 22 Plan and set out sports areas
Unit 23 Maintain drainage systems
Unit 24 Maintain irrigation systems

Option Units – Two of the following units must be completed
Unit 25 Prepare for and maintain equipment and machines
Unit 26 Survey and report on the condition of the environment (golf course)
Unit 27 Plan and manage the control of pests, diseases and disorders
Unit 28 Prepare and apply pesticides
Unit 29 Design and install drainage systems
Unit 30 Establish planted areas