The Barenbrug group, one of the largest suppliers of grass seed in the world, is producing annually 90,000 tonnes of grass seed worldwide. When it comes to grass, we believe you cannot find a better, more committed and reliable supplier than Barenbrug. We never forget that your success is what ours is built on; quality and innovation are the guiding principles within the Barenbrug group of companies. Quality has everything to do with the success of your profession. Our profession is plant breeding, selecting and developing plants for various applications and we have specialised in grass.

Barenbrug has invested in specific and exciting research programmes in many different countries, Holland, USA, France, Finland, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and the UK.
With craftsmanship, creativity and a lot of patience our breeders are time and time again able to improve on existing varietal material. The quality of Barenbrug’s golfgrass varieties are demonstrated in the recommended variety lists in Europe ( e.g. STRI-Bingley, RSM Germany, the Dutch Grassgidsor the French recommended list) where the Barenbrug varieties can be found on top.

We continue to strengthen our product range with the introduction of unique species and new cultivars, been pioneers in terms of innovation is the guarantee of better solutions to our customers.

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