Indigrow are specialist manufactures of fertilisers, nutrients and other products for the sportsturf market, with over 75 years’ experience of operating around the world. Covering 5 continents and over 40 countries, we employ over 35 staff with qualifications covering all the aspects of agronomy required to promote healthy growth. We also have FACTS Qualified Advisers, BASIS Qualified Advisors, FACTS & BASIS Examiners.

Along with our distributors, we maintain our product coverage throughout Europe, the Middle and Far East. We have an extensive range of products and recommendations to suit all climatic conditions and grass species.

Our wide range of products includes fertilisers, bio-stimulants, wetting agents and a variety of the very latest innovative and technical products to promote a healthier sward, no matter the conditions turf managers face all around the globe.

Buying the correct product can be confusing, and we are here to help. Simply email our specialist sports turf division and we will put you in direct contact with a regional technical manager to assist you with your requirements.

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