SKIM Turf Management

SKIM Turf Management, powered by artificial intelligence and aerial imagery analysis, offers golf course superintendents unprecedented insights and decision-making capabilities. SKIM enables managers to diagnose and understand their golf course in depth, leveraging the power of data to achieve precision turfgrass management. As the proud recipient of the Best New Product 2024 Award at the PGA Show in Orlando, SKIM has been recognized for its exceptional innovation and quality, and by joining FEGGA, it commits to revolutionizing turf management across Europe.

Key Benefits:

Diagnose and Understand Your Golf Course in Depth: Access automated weekly measurements for a wide variety of turf health metrics, including vegetation indicators, biomass, chlorophyll, turfgrass quality, turfgrass density, and nutrients (N, P, K, Na, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn), along with daily weather updates. Follow and understand the evolution of your golf course over time.

Leverage the Power of Data: Measuring turf performance is not new, but doing it 40,000 times a week on an average 18-hole golf course is revolutionary. Data from past years is also available; you don’t need to remember what happened one year ago – SKIM does it for you. Compare measurements from different dates, understand patterns, quantify the impact of performed tasks, and adjust your turf care actions. Easy-to-understand reports allow superintendents to combine indicators, highlight trends, and apply best practices.

Achieve Precision Turfgrass Management: Make informed decisions and solve problems when they are small. SKIM provides superintendents and general managers with accurate, precise, and frequent data. React earlier and focus time, labor, and maintenance resources on the precise areas that need care.

Plan and Organize Maintenance Activities: Turf maintenance requires various tasks to be organized every day. Schedule, assign, review progress, and locate assignments in SKIM’s task management module. Review statuses, assess the associated costs, and measure their impact on turf health indicators. Unlock the key to identifying correlations between tasks and their effects.

Take SKIM With You: Manage your teams and ensure that operations are on track, whether it’s from your office, your home, or while scouting your golf course.

Reduce the Environmental Impact: Implement targeted nutrient application and sustainable maintenance strategies with SKIM, minimizing environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards for golf course management.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Turf Management:

 Together with FEGGA, we’re committed to empowering greenkeepers with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve excellence in turf management while promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. We invite all FEGGA members to explore the benefits of our partnership and join us in leading the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for golf course management in Europe.

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