Suståne Natural Fertilizer, Inc.

Sustane natural Fertiliser is the world’s leading manufacturer-exporter of all natural and organic fertilisers and soil builders. Sustane believe in the science of sustainability, which is why we’ve commissioned nearly 600 independent research studies in nearly 30 years to create the best possible products for Turfgrass, with proven benefits on pre and post plant establishment, quality, disease suppression and environmental impact trials.

Due to the nature and length (6 months) of our unique aerobic composting process, our products are rich in stable humus, dense with all natural and organic nutrients, and biologically rich vital to encouraging and enhancing soil microbiology and a healthy eco system. Healthy soils produce and maintain healthy plants and are alive with rich biological diversity. The microbiology is critical to so many soil and plant functions in a balanced and thriving ecosystem.

Sustane has a low biological oxygen demand (BOD) due to the six-month aerobic composting process, a high carbon to nitrogen ratio and a low salt index, which all help to enhance the “species richness diversity” (SRD) in all growing systems.

Plant establishment accelerates with total plant nutrition from Sustane. A complete package containing both quick and slow release nitrogen (SRN), all primary, secondary and tertiary plant nutrients are chelated with rich humic and microbial substances found in Sustane product.

We export our product worldwide through a network of distribution, and for more information on research, product and distribution, please either visit our website or email