GreenQAmpus Project

Following on from the success of the EU Green-e project, a second EU project Green QAmpus is now underway. The purpose of this project is to contribute to an agenda by design, test and implementation of a Quality Assurance framework monitored by Greenkeeper Training Europe, formerly the European Golf Education Unit (EGEU).  This will ensure standardisation of golf education, enhance the employability of individuals and provide global recognition of qualifications. This project addresses general objectives of Vocational Education and Training, focusing on operational objectives to improve quality, transparency and recognition of qualifications and increase volume of co-operation between organisations providing learning.


The Green QAmpus project includes 7 partners from 4 European countries, these being:

  • Benesov College, Czech Republic
  • Czech Greenkeepers Association
  • Kainuu College, Finland
  • Luua Vocational Training Centre, Estonia
  • SRUC Elmwood Campus, Scotland
  • Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association
  • Greenkeeper Training – Europe

This experienced group will make a significant contribution to Vocational Education Training systems in the partner countries by building upon good work done in the previous Green-e project. The results of this project will be based on research methodology, reporting, collection of data, development and testing, training, analysing and validation of results and dissemination.

Quality Assurance Framework

Through the project, a robust Quality Assurance framework, will be adapted to suit the Ministry requirements of each country. This will be offered to new and existing staff within the Golf industry in order to enhance the work in the sector and help them to gain recognised qualifications within the European community. Following on from the previous project, the work will have a major impact on the Vocational Education Training programs in each partner country. The implementation of a homogeneous Quality Assurance framework, monitored and supported by GT-E/ FEGGA shall ensure future knowledge, and qualifications are accepted across Europe.