John Deere

liability Is Our Strength

John Deere produces Europe’s biggest single brand range of golf & turf equipment, including walk-behind and ride-on cylinder mowers for tees, greens and fairways; compact tractors and front loaders; front-mounted rotary mowers; diesel lawn tractors; materials collection system; turf aerators and sprayers; bunker rates; and the versatile Gator range of electric, petrol and diesel utility vehicles.

If you are looking for a top specification machine that:

  • gives a quality finish
  • is comfortable to operate
  • is reliable and easy to service
  • and provides value for money

then we have the right machine for you. We know this, because our customers tell us so – as part of our ongoing product development and improvement programmes, John Deere canvasses the views of thousands of European greenkeepers through our regular Feedback programme.

John Deere has a well deserved reputation for product quality and performance as well as excellent parts and service support. All our dealers can provide instant information on parts availability, with orders shipped from anywhere in the world within 24 hours, and overnight or even same day delivery when necessary. All John Deere products can also be supported by a range of flexible finance programmes available from our sister company John Deere Credit.

The basis of the Deere philosophy goes back to John Deere himself – a blacksmith who founded the company in America in 1837, and whose revolutionary self-scouring steel plough played a major role in opening up the American prairies. He said: “I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me.”

Regular staff, dealer and industry approved operator training courses, and continuing investment in new products and manufacturing systems, ensure that John Deere continues to provide the most advanced and reliable products, backed by efficient and knowledgeable service and customer support.
That is why we say: Nothing Runs Like A Deere.

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