DLF is a global seed company dealing in forage and amenity seeds, and other crops, with a 50% market share in Europe and 30% worldwide.

Science develops better seeds

Today golf courses demand a lot from the grasses they use on their courses. Good playability is the a given, but the focus is also on sustainability, disease tolerance and low input. To supply golf courses DLF invests heavily in research and innovation. Roughly 11% of our 2000 employees are involved in research. We run plant-breeding programs and trial sites across the world in Europe, USA and New Zealand to test our grass varieties in order to produce resilient and wear tolerant varieties. This way we can provide locally adapted varieties that make every golf course perform at the highest standard.

Seeding green solutions

Golf courses are highly exposed to climate changes. For more than 30 years, DLF breeding and product development has optimized and developed varieties ideal to local climatic and environmental conditions. In recent years, golf courses have experienced pressure in the use of pesticides. Many already experience restrictions and others may see them coming in the future. By increasing resilience to changing factors such as disease pressure and other type of stress, DLF breed to meet the requirements for the future. Through dedicated plant breeding, our breeders are delivering sustainable solutions for more sustainable golf courses.

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