Driven by Innovation – Judged by Results.

These are not just words. This is how we run our business. TurfCare are constantly on the lookout for the latest innovation in products and technology and when we find something, we assess how it works, its reliability, and how it can be used to help turf managers deal with their daily challenges to produce and maintain their playing surfaces to the best possible standards.

While it may be easy to bring new products and ideas to the market, it is the results that these products produce is what we are measured by. We are the best at what we do, and we look after our people and the needs of our customers. We are a strong team that continue to grow, and we are slowly but steadily becoming the ‘go to’ people in our industry.

We are environmentally conscious, and we work hard to provide a secure and sustainable future for our staff, our customers, and our industry. We have links and partnerships with some of the most influential, knowledgeable and well known doctors and scientists in our industry. With these connections, we are able to provide the end user with up to date research, data and technical training / education in order to ensure that they get ‘best value’ for their purchases.

Our global connections, and also having offices in both Europe and the UK, enable us to service a wider spectrum of clients throughout a wider geographical area wherever possible.

Anyone can supply a bag or a can of fertilizer. It’s the ingredients, the research, the knowledge, and the technical support that makes all the difference. This is the ‘TurfCare factor’. TurfCare cares.

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