Campey Turf Care Systems

Campey Turf Care Systems is a highly respected grounds care machinery company, providing specialist equipment for turf professionals. The Macclesfield-based organisation has earned a reputation for offering practical advice and strong aftercare service.

The company dates back to 1986, when Richard Campey detected an untapped market need. Having spent ten years as a Sales Demonstrator for a well known manufacturer and international distributor of turf care equipment, he realised there was a role for a specialist supplier of purpose-built equipment that would enable turf managers to meet the increased demands placed on modern sports turf surfaces.

Today, we act as a new equipment dealer for some of the most respected grounds care machinery manufacturers in the UK and the rest of Europe. DAKOTA Turf Tenders, amazingly versatile, high-performance top-dressers, for which Campeys are distributors for throughout the whole of Europe.

Over the years we have identified a niche market for well-built specialised machines, which are built and market under the RAYAM name. These range from the Hi – Lift trailer, Striegal Harrows, Speedressers and the Core Harvester, with the new additions of the Rubber Dragmats, and Aeraseeder and Landscaper.

We provide professionals with the specialist, high work rate machines they need, with the comprehensive service and backup they depend on. We also carry a large selection of pre-owned equipment, please visit our website for an up-to-date list.

Please do not hesitate to visit our website where you can find information on all of the above products and more.


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