Aquatrols are the world leaders in the research, development and commercialization of soil surfactants, commonly called soil wetting agents. Aquatrols technologies allow turf managers to optimize growing conditions by increasing water and input efficiency. Aquatrols brands including Revolution, Dispatch, PrimerSelect, Aqueduct, and Fifty90 are available throughout Europe via local distributors. In addition to supporting FEGGA, Aquatrols is a Technical Supporter of Golf Environment Organisation.

Aquatrols is based in the United States and was founded in 1954 by Robert A. Moore. The product first commercialized by Moore and Aquatrols was AquaGro®, the original soil wetting agent used in turf maintenance. Aquatrols became and remains today, the industry leader and innovator in these specialty areas.

As Aquatrols European business has grown, the company has looked for more innovative and efficient ways to serve the markets. Recently Aquatrols has launched a new packaging and order processing scheme in the UK in partnership with Farmura Products to improve service to customers throughout Europe.

Aquatrols are dedicated to excellent product stewardship and were the first company to have their soil surfactants registered in Canada and France. They remain one of only a few companies dedicated to this level of product support. Consistent with this, Aquatrols are dedicated to providing the turf industry world wide with technical expertise, innovative technologies and the research to back them.

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