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Originating from the rich biodiversity of South Africa, Makro Organics stands as an innovative, out-of-the-box firm in the turf management industry, offering patented, organic, and plant-based solutions. Our technology is shaped by rigorous scientific research, aiming to redefine the paradigms of sustainable turf upkeep, using deep knowledge of naturally occurring raw materials to manufacture the right products for our customers, achieving top results in both the short and long term.

We are proud of our comprehensive product offering, which exemplifies the interplay between soil, water, and plant health. These products, grounded in plant-based science, are designed to meet the high standards of global greenkeepers and groundsmen. Utilizing Makro Organics’ solutions translates to not only maintaining aesthetically pleasing turf systems but also promoting eco-friendly maintenance practices.

Our strategy goes beyond product creation; we want to be the hub of revolutionary debates in the sector, encouraging people to make greener choices. Inspired by our South African roots, we strive to create solutions that build a symbiotic interaction between humanity and the natural world, producing an environment in which both can grow in harmony.

Makro Organics remains steadfast in its commitment to nurture a culture of excellence and sustainability within the turf care industry. We stand ready to lend our expertise and collaborate with professionals worldwide, aiming to sculpt a future where the art of turf management aligns seamlessly with the principles of nature conservation.


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