Turf grass experiences ‘stress’ from a wide range of factors including drought, water logging, salinity, compaction and mowing height. These symptoms of stress can cause a reduction in Chlorophyll production.

Indigrow have developed Asset Gold for the relief of abiotic stresses. Asset Gold has been produced in a concentrated formulation for increased rapid impact. The formulation is based on sustainable naturally produced plant osmolytes specifically aimed at countering many stressful situations including anaerobic, drought and saline conditions.

The raw materials are derived from plants which have evolved in harsh environments and produce significant amounts of these amino acids in order to survive. These osmolytes keep the osmotic balance of the plant cells to enhance functionality of the organelles, maintain turgidity and reduce the impact and subsequent damage of reactive oxygen species.

Proline – Amino Acid

One of the plants natural defence mechanisms to the many turf grass stresses is to increase the production of the amino acid Proline, which reduces the damaging ‘Free Radicals’ which attack plant cells. Our latest trial work highlights the impact Asset Gold has on the plants natural ability to produce a range of amino acids, including Proline, as well as increasing chlorophyll levels.

The effect of Asset Gold on the plants natural ability to produce Proline and Chlorophyll

Due to the targeted osmolytes plant health was maintained by balanced osmotic regulation, cell membrane protection, reduction in free radicals and therefore protection of photosynthetic and biological pathways.

Asset Gold

Asset Gold is a plant bio-stimulant specifically used when plants are under stress from extreme climatic conditions, poor soil environment including salinity, water logging and drought as well as pest and disease attack. It contains an amino acid derivative which is extracted exclusively from plant species that naturally exhibit resistance to abiotic stress. Asset Gold is an osmolyte and plays a role in maintaining cell water balance. It also stimulates the plants natural production of essential amino acids, such as proline.

For further information on Asset Gold and it’s stress relieving benefits for turf grass this summer, please contact: growth@indigrow.com