Greenkeeping Training Europe will serve the purpose of bringing together European Greenkeeping Education Programmes under the same quality standards of competences. Greenkeeping Training Europe will

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Board Members

Find out more detail about the FEGGA Board Members, how long they have been Greenkeeping, their passions and interests and much more

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Each year FEGGA hosts its Annual conference. It gives us a chance to bring together all our members and celebrate what a wonderful organisation we

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FEGGA is a non-profit organisation formed in 1996 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Federation is the umbrella body for the National Greenkeeping Associations in Europe. FEGGA originally formed to be a communication medium between the Committed to Green Programme of the European Golf Association and European Greenkeeping Associations, the role of the Federation has expanded greatly since 1996.

FEGGA now plays an every-day role in our member associations through the promotion of educational standards and professional recognition along with the many issues facing greenkeepers concerning the European Union and EU legalisation.

Having built a network of contacts throughout Europe, the Federation is assisting promotion of the profession of golf turf management country by country, working with golf bodies, our patron members and other allied associations. Many benefits are now visible across Europe with educational programmes, environmental policies and general recognition of the profession.

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Talking turf

European Deere

European Deere dealers explore advances in precision turf technology – More than 50 John Deere dealers have been given advanced training on how greenkeepers can make

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FEGGA is dedicated to Communicate and Share Environmentally Sustainable Ideals and Skills for Quality Golf Course Management